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Want a simple way to update your home?   Then ask us to install baseboards throughout your home.  Many customers we meet have asked us to remove and upgrade their home’s baseboards. Usually, at the same time, we recommend changing out all of the home’s door casings throughout to give your home a more custom built quality. 

Our most common request from customers is to upgrade to either a 3-1/4” or a 5-1/4” baseboard throughout and usually they ask for one with a little more detail or sophisticated appearance.  There are literally dozens of styles from which to choose, and when we come out to measure and give a bid we bring many different style samples to see.

Baseboards are a very effective way to visually add interest throughout an entire home and to give new floor treatments that finishing touch!

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Columns and Pillars

Columns and Pillars are a simple installation technique which can add interest to any room, especially entries and foyers.
These architectural accents are both affordable, functional and can subtly suggest a separation to divide an otherwise large uninteresting area. Although, they are non-structural in nature, they can be made to appear as though they are an integral part of the original house. To further define a space, arches can be added to connect the columns or pillars.
Columns and Pillars can be pre-manufactured in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes or we can custom design and build them. They are available in half columns, whole columns ranging in height from a small pony-wall application to floor-to-ceiling dimensions.


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Curved Crown Moulding

For those of you with curved ceilings, including turrets, rotundas and curved walls, we offer both flex moulding or craftsman-style moulding applications for all of those areas.
Flex moulding is a process by which we measure the radius of your curved area and order a flexible moulding that fits to your area’s exact specifications.
Craftsman-style moulding consists of a series of mitered crown moulding joints that are installed to fit these curved areas.
Both applications are equally attractive and are perfect solutions for any curved area. Many of our jobs can be viewed by setting an appointment with one of our previous customers if you would like to compare these two curved applications.

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Entry/Foyer Mouldings

Entry ways or foyers offer your guest’s the first impression of your home. First impressions are always the most important. Usually, our minimal amount for those on a budget would include installation of crown moulding in the entry or foyer, living room, family room, dining area, kitchen and breakfast nook…what we refer to as the “sit and see” common areas. Namely, those areas where your guests would most likely be entertained and where they would be looking from one room into the next room.
An entry way or a foyer is also the perfect area to showcase one of our many wall treatment applications which could include chair rails, informal or formal wainscoting, entry way shelves or perhaps decorative squares. Incidentally, decorative squares are an affordable way to enhance any wall’s appearance and are primarily effective in the entry way.

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Fan Surrounds, Ceiling Surrounds and Ceiling Medallions

Look up at the ceiling where your light fixture or ceiling fan resides and what do you see…exactly…just a light fixture or fan. Not too exciting.
However, a light fixture or ceiling fan can turn into a beautiful focal point and can be showcased by having us install a simple ceiling medallion. To further enhance the ceiling, we can install a decorative surround, and as the name implies, our accent moulding does just that…it surrounds the light and/or the fan. Medallions come in a myriad of designs. Our custom ceiling accents also range from something as simple as a square, a rectangle, an octagon or a more modern design. If you can conceive it, we can build it! This is a great way to add “pizzaz” to a boring room.
We have installed numerous ceiling surrounds in areas such as family rooms, bedrooms, foyers, formal living rooms, kitchens and yes, even the master bedroom water closet.

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Fireplace Mantels

Many of our homeowners complain about the lack of a useable fireplace mantel. We can install and build, at a very affordable price, a simple mantel that will allow you to display your decorative items, such as pottery, flower arrangements or Christmas décor.
We can also add legs to the mantel for a more formal or massive appearance. Sometimes, our customers will want us to add pillars at the top of the mantle extending to the ceiling and incorporating crown moulding around the tops of the pillars for that ultimate floor to ceiling fireplace.
Additionally, we can cover any unsightly or outdated brick or stone work for a more updated appearance. Usually, a fireplace is going to be the focal point of a room and just this simple change to a room can dramatically update the entire area. Ask us to add a spotlight shining down on the new fireplace mantel wall to create an even more dramatic effect.

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Rope Lite Crown Moulding

Probably one of the most dramatic effects can be achieved by dropping down crown moulding a couple of inches from the ceiling and installing rope lighting.  The added feature of connecting the rope lighting to a dimmer switch is an excellent way enhance the mood of any room.

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Vaulted Ceiling Crown Moulding

Every week it seems as though I am in people’s homes, and they generally usher me by the rooms with vaulted ceilings telling me they know that crown moulding cannot be installed in rooms with vaulted ceilings. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of our most dramatic projects are the ones where we have installed crown moulding in rooms with vaulted ceilings.
Admittedly, few people know how to install crown moulding in rooms with vaulted ceilings. However, when installed properly it is probably one of our most beautiful works of art, and of course we have the skilled professionals to accomplish this.
Nothing is too difficult for our crown moulding professionals!

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Wall Treatments

Chair Rail - Chair rail is probably one of the most cost effective ways of accenting a wall. It can be applied at various heights and is an effective tool for bringing down a ceiling’s height. Once chair rail is installed, something as simple as changing the color of a wall from the top to the bottom of the rail can dramatically enhance a room’s sophistication.

Decorative Squares - Another application to formalize a room’s appearance, would be to have us install decorative squares below the chair rail, which depending on paint treatment can almost simulate the appears of wainscoting at a more affordable price.

Wainscoting – Wainscoting is another method of adding interest to any wall. We can apply informal wainscoting (vertical line/Cape Cod cottage like style) or formal wainscoting (a plain paneling) with a variety of accent designs to give your home that sophisticated and elegant appearance.

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Window Treatments

Windowsills and Valances – We generally view windows as a piece of canvas because of the many beautiful pictures we see when we look through them. As with all beautiful artwork, the perfect enhancement is a complimenting frame. By asking us to either picture frame or case your windows, by adding sills or a beautiful crown valance, we can transform an ordinary window into a thing of beauty in any room.

Also window valances can prove to be very functional. While not only improving the appearance of the window itself, it can hide much of your blind or shade’s hardware. We can build and install valances in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your décor.

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